I will try in this section to answer on all questions referred to the English Grammar. First lesson is the Simple Present Tense.

                     SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE

Simple Present Tense has the same form as the infinitive but adds an S for the third person singular:

I work                             We work

You work                      You work

He/she/it works        They work

Negative is formed with the negative of the verb do:

I do not work (don’t)             We do not work

You do not work                     You do not work

He/she/it dos not work       They do not work

Interrogative is formed as follows:

Do I work?                                 Do we work?

Do you work?                           Do you work?

Does he/she/it work?           Do they work?

Simple Present Tense is often used with adverbs: often, usually, never, always, occasionally, on Mondays, twice a year, every week


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